Attorney Rainmaking Hacks: Pouring Gold in the Cracks

ATTORNEY RAINMAKING sometimes can feel like a whole separate career, above and beyond being a good lawyer. Yet, if you are a solo practitioner, it is critical you master the art of rainmaking. To help you, I’ve created a series called “Attorney Rainmaking...

7 Actions to Take Now to Grow Your Law Firm Quickly

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Do you need marketing tips, insight and advice for your solo practice or service-based business? If so, check out my blogs. Each week, I share new ideas and information about how to generate high-quality leads, attract clients, fill your pipeline and close sales. I also discuss how to leverage the power of the Internet, social media marketing and mobile technology to fuel business growth.

Building a marketing and sales funnel online is simple, but not always easy. It takes careful planning and allocation of resources, both time and money. First, you must get crystal clear on your overall objectives, and then develop a plan for achieving those goals. It is important that you apply action intentionally, consistently, persistently, for a plan without execution is not going to do much for you.

Indecision is a Decision

A highly successful business coach once told me: “Indecision is a form of self-abuse.” Now, perhaps that is a bit strong, but the point is well taken. Too many times I have seen wanna-be entrepreneurs or solo professionals, particularly women, fail, not because they lacked the education, skills or resources, but because they lacked confidence in themselves, the willingness to make the hard decisions, and the ability to focus their energy on the direction in which they “decided” to go.

Instead, they waffle, questioning their choices. They say words like:

“Maybe I should do this instead.”

“Let me think about it some more.”

“But what if it is the wrong decision? What if I FAIL?!”

Here’s the trouble with that kind of thinking: It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see, indecision is a decision. It is a decision to let life happen to you instead of you making choices about what you want and need and then backing those choices up with action.

Action is the Answer

If you want a thriving, successful business, you must be prepared to make the hard decisions, sometimes over and over again, and then you must take deliberate, calculated action on those decisions. You must: Dream. Decide. Do. Then rinse and repeat. At first, this can be very uncomfortable, but over time, just as with any skill you work to master, it gets easier.

If you need help developing a plan you can stick to, getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take (and in the order in which you need to take them) to create and grow a business you love and one that supports your life goals, and support and accountability every step of the way,’ve helped numerous solo professionals and serviced-based business owners finally achieve the results they longed for in their businesses. Let me help you.