GETTING STARTED IS EASY. First read this page to find out whether or not we would be a good fit. Here, I tell you exactly what I am looking for in an ideal client. Why is this important? Because I want both of us to get what we need from our business relationship. My ideal clients:

Own a Business

I work to help my clients grow their businesses, thus, it would not make sense for me to work with someone who doesn’t actually have a business. An idea is a not a business, no matter how brilliant it is. “Pre-revenue” is not a business. “I do this in my spare time,” is not a business. A business is what you have when you are selling something–either services or products–for money. You don’t have to be making a ton of money, yet, to be my client, but you have to actually have started a business and have sold something.

Have Resources to Invest in Growth

Business growthI do not work for equity in your start-up; I charge for my services. It’s how I help feed and clothe my family. Thus, as much as I may love you, personally, I can not and do not work for free. Therefore, to work with me, you must have some money to invest in yourself and your business. (I’ll let you in on a secret: all successful businesses invest money in their businesses. It’s a fact of business growth.) You can be a boot-strapper to work with me; you don’t have to have some big angel investment (though that may be nice). In fact, I admire bootstrappers and am one myself, but I only take up-front cash on the barrelhead for my services. (Of course, this includes major credit cards and the use of other payment services.)

Value Marketing and Sales

If you say things like “I don’t think a website really gets me business,” or “I don’t like selling,” or “I hate marketing,” well, that’s your prerogative. However, seeing as how that’s the way I make my living, you probably aren’t going to like working with me too much. You see, marketing and sales are the fuel that drive the business profit engine. If you don’t prospect, generate leads, promote your services or products, have sales conversations or myriad other marketing, sales or money-generating activities, you likely will never have much of a business. You might have a hobby, but I don’t work with hobbyists, only business owners/operators. You don’t have to do networking and sales the old-fashioned way, but you do have to realize that, even in this miraculous digital age you must sell something if you want to make money, and you must appreciate and accept the importance roles marketing and sales play in your business.

Prioritize Your Business

I get it, you are busy. All entrepreneurs, solo professionals and service-based business owners are busy. Super busy, in fact. Usually because we are trying to do it all. However, in working with numerous entrepreneurs and business owners, I have learned we all have time for what we value most. Thus, if you don’t have time for working ON your business, not just IN your business, there’s really no point in starting down this road together. I can tell you this: creating strategies to grow your business and executing them takes time, even if you outsource some tasks. The primary role for any CEO is to lead the company, to make the hard decisions, and to invest not only money, but time into running the company. To work with me (and to grow your business successfully), you must be willing to take a look at how you are spending your time and, perhaps, to make needed adjustments in your priorities.

Take Ownership

Truthfully, I just don’t like to work with people who aren’t willing to take ownership of their part. You must be willing to be accountable for your commitments. My job is to help you succeed in growing your business, but the operative word is “help.” I can’t want it more than you do, and I can’t do it for you. In my experience, not only personally, but in working with other entrepreneurs, solo professionals and service-based businesses, the successful ones aren’t just “interested,” they are committed in a 100-percent-there-is-no-back-up-plan kind of way. If that’s you, we are going to get along great.

Are Jazzed!

Jazzed about her businessI LOVE what I do for my clients! It is the best job I’ve ever had. I get to help my clients grow their businesses, make more money than they ever dreamed they could make, and have the ability to really, really live their lives to the fullest. I cannot think of a better way to spend my days at this point in my life. If you want to work with me, I need to know you are passionate about growing your business, that taking risks, trying new things and going out on a limb gets you excited. It’s okay to be nervous, too. I’d be worried if you weren’t. Just remember, this is supposed to be FUN. You GET to do this for a living. You don’t HAVE to do it. You could go work at the world’s largest retailer as a greeter. As one of my mentors once told me: “If you have to drag them into it, you are going to have drag them through it.” I’m just not up for that. What I am up for is helping you: 1) grow your business exponentially, 2) work only with the people you want to work with, and 3) create enough income so you can finally live you’ve always wanted to live.

If you think you meet this criteria, click the option below which best fits, fill out the simple application and let’s get started!