D. FREDERICK MEDIA AND MARKETING offers a variety of services to our clients. However, anything and everything we do is focused on one mission: helping our clients–solo professionals, service-based businesses, and entrepreneurs–significantly increase company revenue and personal income so they can afford to make their dreams a reality.

Some clients come to us because they need a website designed, or to set up an online sales funnel, or to help them with their brand and messaging. Others have no clue where to start or any thought about what they really need.

Where we start, most often, is with the end in mind, and the question: “What results do you want?”

Perhaps you do need a new website, new copy, or to re-brand. But maybe you don’t. You see, those tactics are only effective if they are part of an overall business growth strategy.

If you want to work with only your ideal clients; to generate a flood of new leads for your service-based business; to create consistent, reliable, residual income; or achieve any other business goal, you must start, not by cherry-picking marketing and business development tactics, but by clearly defining exactly what it is you want your business and your life to look like when you finally achieve your goals.

We invite you to read case studies of successes we’ve had working with other solo professionals, service-based businesses and entrepreneurs to plan and execute business growth strategies and tactics. For more information on how we may be able to help you and your service-based business, please contact us today.