WHEN I’M AT A NETWORKING EVENT and people ask “about me,” I usually say I’m a “recovering attorney,” which always gets a few laughs. Then, I tell people: s

“Although I still practice law part-time, the majority of my time is spent working as a business growth strategist and marketing consultant. You see, I have more than 25 years experience in marketing businesses offering professional services, and I’ve owned several businesses myself. Today, I help other professional service providers—like other attorneys, therapists, accountants, consultants, coaches and such—create and execute plans to rapidly grow their businesses. Some of my clients have even doubled their revenues in as little as a year.”

Marketing services not legal servicesWhat’s interesting is the next question most people ask:

“What kind of law do you practice?”

I’m thinking: “Really?! I just told you I help people just like you get more of the right kinds of clients and double their revenue, and you want to know the kind of law I practice?!”

The funny thing is, when I was practicing law full time and going to networking events for the purpose of meeting people who might refer business to me as an attorney, no one wanted to talk about the type of law I practiced. Now, suddenly, everyone is interested. They all want my card for legal services.

They never call, of course. Why? Because they don’t need or want a lawyer right now.

If they did not want to hire me, why even go there?

The reason is simple: They don’t want to talk about marketing consulting services, so they deflect. Perhaps they are afraid I was going to launch into some sales pitch, and they would then have to tell me “no.” Or, maybe, they are afraid they would find what I had to say compelling and wind up spending a bunch of money they didn’t want to spend on an “expense.”

Instead, they glom onto the first no-brainer, knee-jerk question they can find, and then respond with something akin to “Yeah, I need that,” just like they would if I said they need to eat more vegetables, go to the dentist, or save money for a rainy day.

WonderWoman1The reality is, although we all love to buy, we hate to feel like we have been sold. So we go around like Wonder Woman, repelling every offer with our bracelets of submission:

“You are not going to sell me anything! KaPOW!”


“I know you are just trying to take my money! KaPOW!”


“You say you can help me but I don’t believe you! KaPOW! KaPOW!”

(The guys may want to imagine a Captain America shield here, instead, but the idea is the same.)

Right now, you may be thinking: “Ha! Ha! Wonder Woman! Captain America! That’s funny. Yeah, I don’t like to be sold. I don’t trust anyone. I think everyone is trying to make a buck, and they are not getting my money.” I don’t blame you. It is funny. And I’ve been there. I’ve paid a crap-ton of money for coaching, courses, marketing services, advertising—you name it. Sometimes, with very poor results.

Nothing will stop you from laughing out loud, though, like realizing you just wasted thousands of dollars on “coaching” that made the coach richer and you poorer, or education in a field where you can’t find a good paying job even though you still owe thousands in student loans, or expensive advertising that did not yield One. Single. Client.

I know, because all of that happened to me.

And I’m not the only one. Day after day, I meet people I know I can help. People who have been working really, really hard, sometimes for years, to make a go of it as an entrepreneur and business owner. Maybe they’ve even had some successes, but now they are struggling for whatever reason. We tell ourselves it’s because “the economy is bad,” or “there’s too much competition,” or “people don’t have money right now to spend on my services.”

I get it. I’ve said every one of those statements myself, particularly when I co-owned a gym during the start of the last recession. But you know what? All of those reasons are really just excuses. Regardless of the state of the economy, I have bills to pay—a mortgage, car payments, utility bills. I need to fund my retirement account, pay taxes, and keep my dogs in Greenies. There’s always going to be competition, no matter what industry you are in. Some people are never going to spend money with you.

In the face of hard times, we really only have three choices: We can give up entirely. We can keep toiling on our own, all alone, not trusting anyone to help, sleeping fitfully every night with worries threatening to creep out from under the pillow and suffocate us. Or, we can ask for help.

Do you want to know the six-figure secret? There is one.

secret-It is valuable. I’m going to give it to you for FREE, though, because I have been where you are, and it sucks.

Here is is: To get to six figures, you have to:

1. Stop making excuses and get really honest with yourself about your business and your true goals.

2. Decide what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

3. Actually do what you said you were going to do.

Yep, I said it. You have to do that thing you do better than anyone else, and you have to do it intentionally, consistently and persistently.

That, my friends, is where most of us run into trouble because the doing is HARD WORK. It requires us to:

  • Make decisions.
  • Take consistent action.
  • Solve problems and serve others.
  • Force our brains to come up with new ideas.
  • Sit with our butts glued to a chair actually creating.
  • Ask for money from complete strangers.
  • Follow through on our commitments. Not once, but every time.
  • And, sometimes…

Ask for help.

As much as we hate it, there are times we have to rely on others. When someone screws us over, we have to grow up, get over it, and ask someone else. (Hopefully, this time, we are a bit wiser and more selective). No one person is good at everything. The best of us focus on excellence in one area and outsource the rest.

For me, I’ve discovered the highest and best use of my time is serving as a truth guide for my clients. I help entrepreneurs, solo professionals and service-based business clients get real, get clear and get laser-focused so they can finally achieve results.

Unlike some other coaches and consultants, though, I don’t just leave my clients holding nothing but a mirror and a stack of affirmations. No, I actually guide you, sherpa-like, through implementation of the plan we have worked together to create. I know what it is like to build a company from nothing but a dream, to be almost devoured by overwhelm and confusion, and to feel like no one else understood me or my vision. Because I’ve been where you are, it’s important to me to support each of my clients throughout their journey. So if you really want to know “about me,” then know this:

I refuse to let my clients feel they are alone in their businesses.

In fact, most of my clients have told me they can talk to me about their businesses in ways they cannot talk to anyone else. For example, this is what my client, Laurie, says about working with me:

20150514_PORT_0643-edit (1)Earlier this year, I was at a fork in the road with my business, either stop or keep going. As small business owners, we tend to use the piecemeal approach due to the fear of cost. Eventually, in the long run, I wasted more money that way. I had to stop the fear and go for it with D. Frederick Media…My dream to help families would have died six months ago without the expertise of Davina who had seen my passion far beyond my own limited vision. Needless to say, the best decision I have ever made as a business owner was to ‘go all in’ and collaborate with D. Frederick Media for business rebranding, image consulting, website design and multimedia marketing content. Now, I’m excited for the future! LAURIE REID, LMFT, CAP, BREAKING THE CYCLE CONSULTING, INC.

If you think this is something you may need or want, then call me. But don’t call me unless you are ready—really ready—for help and results. Results like Suzanne’s:

Suzanne Meehle, Meehle LawD. Frederick Media and Marketing didn’t just redesign my website, they redesigned my business. Davina worked with me on my professional image, including everything from appearance and wardrobe to design and marketing strategies. Then, she thought of creative ways to leverage my website to not only attract more clients but to turn the site into a revenue-generating machine all its own. Finally, Davina helped me rethink and rewrite, and then edited all of the content on my site, developed a unified marketing campaign for us, and overhauled our social media. The results? An immediate increase of more than 30% on our social media and website hits. I couldn’t be more thrilled! SUZANNE MEEHLE, ESQ., MEEHLE LAW, P.A.

If you’ve got it figured out and you don’t need mine, or anyone’s help, that’s cool. I am not meant to work with everyone, and neither are you. The reason I’m so particular about my clients is because I put everything I have into helping you grow you business. We spend a lot of time together, so I have to like and trust you, and you have to like and trust me. I encourage, guide and hold you accountable because your success is my success. Eric is an example:

Eric GreenI was just ecstatic with the new website design for my e-commerce site. Davina “got” the vision I had in my head. My site is just what I imagined it would be. Now, I’m even more excited because I recently sat down with Davina for a VIP-Day Intensive, and, together, we developed a step-by-step action plan for me to implement for promotion and driving traffic to my site and online store. It’s clear I have not been focusing enough effort on achieving my goals, and Davina helped re-focus and get crystal clear on exactly what I need to do and how and when to do it. I am ready for 2016 and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Eric Green Collection. It’s going to be amazing!” ERIC GREEN, ERIC GREEN COLLECTION

If you are ready for results, and ready to invest to get them, then it is time to make the first big decision and to take action on it. It is time ask for help.

What happens next?

Simply complete our online application and book a discovery session with me.

During our conversation, we’ll delve deeply into your personal and business needs and goals, and then I will make recommendations for next steps. This may include suggestions that you read certain books or listen to certain programs. I also may recommend services I provide, or I might refer you to a colleague if I feel you need support or information I do not provide.

Does that sounds good? If so, let’s get started! Take your first action step, complete the application and return it to me today. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business.