I’m sure you’ve heard it more than once: clients hire people they “know, like and trust.” What if I told you, though, that there’s a “know, like, trust” trump card? And when your competition throws this baby down, all bets are off.

Can you guess what it is? Would you be surprised if I told you not only is it a common buying trigger, but it’s a sucker’s move, even with your logical, skeptical, analytical mind, have played into it over and over again? How do I know this? Because I have, too. It’s simply human nature to do so. We are biologically hardwired to do it.

Let me explain:

Have you ever been invited to one of those big conferences where you are assured you are going to learn the “secrets” to solve one of your biggest challenges? Whether it’s to find love, create the relationship you’ve always wanted, make a million dollars, unlock the door to happiness, permanent weight loss, and eternal youth and beauty?

And when you arrive, you are treated like a VIP, surrounded by people eager to know you (maybe you already know a few) and soon the guru you’ve been waiting to hear takes the stage. He (or she) is part old-timey preacher, part ringmaster, part-therapist, part-celebrity. He begins to lead you on an emotional journey of highs and lows—strumming your pain with his fingers, as Roberta Flack would say.

It’s as though he’s been peeking in your windows, or more accurately, at your bank balance, or reading your diary, BUT, IT’S OKAY, HE’S BEEN THERE, TOO!! And so has this client and this client and this client, as he parades them across the stage, all good looking millionaires and winners now because they have learned his secrets.

And he can help you, too. All you have to do is go meet with one of the “coaches” at the back of the room during the break…

You would never fall for that, right? Except there’s your friend Sally, and it worked for her (you start to think, rationalizing the decision you are already starting to make based on some overwhelming emotion…). Maybe you’ll just go hear what they have to say because, damn, this problem suddenly feels like it needs to be solved right now. Today. Immediately. Because this offer they are making today won’t last. They just said so. Tomorrow, we’ll all be going home, and this opportunity will be gone forever.

You went to the event out of curiosity, maybe a desire for something better than what you have, but by the time you left, you were ravenous for more—overcome with an urgent need to solve a problem you didn’t even realize was so pressing.

And here’s the kicker: It doesn’t matter all the people you “know, like and trust” who could help you solve your problem because the ONLY person right now who seems to have all the answers is the guru who created that sense of urgency in your mind. So you sign up no matter how much it costs and you almost instantly manufacture the know, like and trust factor to justify your emotional decision.

And, right now, somewhere, some of your prospective clients are feeling that same sense of urgency.

Tonight, they’ll be lying in bed, stomach acid boiling up in their throats, eyes wide open, tossing and turning as they gnaw on some pressing problem until, finally, they just can’t stay still any longer. They’ll leap out of bed, grab their phone or stumble to their laptop and start Googling for answers. Will they find you there?

Urgency may be borne out of fear, desperation or desire. A client who feels an urgent need to solve his or her problem will not quibble about fees and costs because solving this problem is at the top of the priority list. People find money for their top priorities. And they hire people who are in the right place at the right time who appear to be offering the right solution to make their problems go away. If they feel the person standing in front of them is that “right person,” they’ll manufacture the know/like/trust factor based on perceived cues.

If you want to ensure you and your business are in the faces and on the minds of your prospective clients when they are feeling the urgent need to solve their problem, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with me ASAP.



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