IF YOU KNOW ME AT ALL, you know I am a seeker. By that, I mean I am always seeking enlightenment, not only to better understand the world and people around me, but to better understand myself. In fact, I think seeking enlightenment and expansion is our purpose, as humans, here on this planet. But, surprisingly, not only has the practice I’m about to share with you helped me personally, it also has helped me in my business.

Since I’ve begun a daily gratitude practice, coupled with morning meditation and setting my intentions for the day (this is not the same thing as a “to-do” list), I’ve noticed a significant decrease in feelings of anxiety, worry and stress. This has transformed how I show up in my practice, with my prospective clients, my clients and others, and consequently, made me a more “attractive” person in the metaphysical sense. Plus, I’m just happier, so there’s that.

My daily gratitude practice is simple. At the start of each day, I take time to write at least three things (but usually more) for which I am grateful. I use a special notebook just for this practice.

Here are my rules (feel free to create your own):

1. Daily engagement each morning. I engage in this practice daily because consistency is key to the effectiveness of any meaningful practice. I also do this first thing in the morning after meditation because it sets my mood and intentions for the day.

2. Handwritten “gratitudes.” The gratitudes (my word for them) must be in my handwriting, because I think there is power in the brain-to-hand-to-paper transference. If you really want to re-program your unconscious mind to be more positive and to attract all you desire, the more senses you can engage, the better. So, think it, write it, say it out loud–you could even rub some essential oils on your hands before you start, so you associate certain aromas with being grateful. Play around with how you can engage all your senses.

3. New gratitudes each day. Each day’s list must be unique. For instance, even though I am grateful for my dogs, Noah and Aurora, I don’t write their names down every day. (They do get lots of kisses from me every day, though.) By changing it up, we soon begin to realize how much we already have in our lives to bring us joy.

4. One personal and one business gratitude. At least one of my gratitudes is personal to me, and at least one is related to business. It is easy for most of us to write down how grateful we are for others, like “my spouse” or “my children” or “my family,” but if we are attempting to grow ourselves and our businesses, it is important we appreciate those gifts as well. So, for instance, one personal gratitude for me could be “I am a gifted communicator, and I gratefully receive this gift.” A business gratitude for me could be “All of my clients are ideal clients, and I gratefully receive them.” Do I name my loved ones and friends and specific clients at times, of course! But I also try to remember to appreciate my personal gifts, the gift of nature, the gift of health, and just being here and alive during this time and space. Some days, it’s all about the coffee…

5. And I gratefully receive…I love the language “and I gratefully receive…” because receiving, for so many of us, is hard. We can do for others all day, every day, but when someone tries to do for us, we reject those gifts. We think we are being independent, or nice, or not-a-burden. In reality, when we refuse to receive, we are not only telling the Universe we are unappreciative and therefore do not want or need anything else, but also we are depriving others of the joy of giving. Naming that for which we are grateful and then saying the words “…and I gratefully receive it” automatically puts us in the receptive mode, open to receiving all the wonderful gifts this world has to offer and raising our vibration. Plus, it just flat out feels good. Once you start saying it a few times, chances are, you’ll soon find yourself saying it all time.

One caveat: The purpose of the Daily Gratitude Practice is NOT to make you feel guilt or shame for wanting more in your life. It’s not so you start saying to yourself “What am I complaining about? I have it so much better than other people. I’m a terrible person for not being more grateful.” If you find yourself thinking these things, you are missing the point.

The purpose of this tool is to help you create a more joyful state of mind so that you are open to receiving even more goodness and joy, and all you so richly deserve.

This tool has created a tremendous shift in my perspective, my business and my life. I encourage you to try it for at least 30 days yourself. At the end of 30 days, I’d love it if you’d reach out to me and share your experience.

Also, I want you know how grateful I am for YOU because if you are here, you have touched my life and made it better in some way. So thank you for being YOU and for being a part of my tribe.



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