RECENTLY, I ATTENDED an event and the speaker asked us this question: “What will stop you from achieving your goals?”

And then he said…”If you say ‘nothing,’ then you are lying to yourself and to me.”

Wow. So many times, usually when I first interview them, I hear clients say they are willing to do “anything” to make their dreams come true. Truth be told, I’ve probably said that myself at some point in growing my business. No, scratch that. I HAVE said that. More than once. When we are in a moment of crisis, we feel like there is nothing we wouldn’t do to make our biggest dreams happen, right?

Well, except maybe…

1. Sales calls
2. Leaving the house to network
3. Mastering social media marketing to attract ideal clients
4. Hiring a coach to teach us what we don’t know
5. Admitting we need help in the first place
6. Keeping appointments we’ve made with ourselves to work ON our business, not just IN our business
7. Keeping appointments we’ve made with others who we’ve asked (and paid) to help us
8. Learning how to use LinkedIn to prospect
9. Creating and consistently publishing e-mails to your prospects
10. Committing to growing your list
11. Creating a strategic plan and then sticking to it (instead of filing it away in the “I can’t find it” pile on your desk)
12. Allocating the time in your schedule to learn how to grow your business
13. Telling other people “no” when they want to use up your time for their drama
14. Learning how to charge enough so you can actually afford to pay your bills and reinvest in your business
15. Prioritizing your business growth over other wants–yours or your spouse’s
16. Going into debt for vacations, but not your business
17. Asking for help on a mastermind call because we don’t want anyone to know we don’t know what we are doing
18. Accepting speaking engagements
19. Paying for advertising
20. Making hard decisions. Multiple times daily.
21. Accepting responsibility for our decisions instead of shifting the responsibility to our spouse, our partners, even our children

And the list goes on…

Turns out, a LOT of things stop us.

If you identified an item or two (or 10) on that list that’s been stopping you, you are not alone.

Every human being has some sort of programming in their subconscious mind (translation: fear) that keeps them from achieving their dreams. The difference between the successful folks and the not-so-successful ones is that the successful ones fight the programming in our brains that keep us stuck. To change our results, we must first change the way we THINK about what we will and won’t do. We must face the fear and take action anyway.

The good news is, we do not have to do it alone. If you are serious about achieving your business growth goals, and you worry your lack of business skills in the areas of marketing, sales, team building, systems, leverage and automation, or wealth building, we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your particular desires.

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