IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN professional service business, you’d be well-advised to get comfortable playing in the LinkedIn sandbox. I don’t think a week goes by that a solo practitioner, consultant or entrepreneur doesn’t say to me: “I know I should be using LinkedIn more to get business but I really don’t know how.”

If you are one of those folks, here are five quick tips to get you started:

1. Be sure to flesh out your profile as completely as you can. PRO TIP: When designing and writing your LinkedIn profile, think like a consultant looking to attract clients, not like a potential employee looking for a job. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see how I’ve done it.

2. Connect with everyone that makes sense, even if you don’t know them. PRO TIP: Learn to identify potential hackers by thinking critically about their profile. If you know how to avoid that “U.S. serviceman” with only five friends on Facebook, you can quickly learn how to spot the likely hackers on LinkedIn. BUT, don’t let fear of making back connections keep you from a whole plethora of potentially very good ones.

3. Post daily, comment on other’s posts, and share articles your potential clients and referral sources likely will find interesting. In other words: engage in conversation!

4. Join groups where potential clients and referral sources hang out, and then participate in conversation there. Better yet, START conversations. Be the virtual host of the party. Show others how to engage with you.

5. Write and publish your own articles on Pulse, LinkedIn’s virtual news hub. PRO TIP: Be sure to use art, bullets, lists, videos, subtitles and pull-quotes throughout your article–anything to help the reader get the most out of what you are sharing. Make your content high-value and reader-friendly if you want others to share it. Also, tell them how to engage with you further.

If you find this tips helpful and want to know even more about LinkedIn and using it to position yourself as an Indispensable Trusted Advisor clients clamor to hire, be sure to let me know either by commenting on this post, or reaching out to me directly.


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