I SHARE AND WRITE QUITE A BIT ABOUT MINDSET. Many business coaches do. For solo attorneys who want to grow their law practices, that may sound like a waste of time. They might say: “All I want is someone to tell me exactly what I need to do to get more clients, create systems, hire the right people, and then show me how to do it!”

In fact, that’s often how I start working with my clients, by jumping in and addressing those hot button issues. However, over time, I’ve found the number one issue that keeps most business owners, including attorneys, stuck is not what we know or don’t know, but how we choose to view ourselves and the world around us.

Identifying Mindset Matters

For example, have you ever experienced any of these issues?

Failure to take action
Inability to stick to something long enough for it to work
D-I-Yitis (or “I-can-do-it-better-my-damn-self-syndrome)
Low self esteem
Lack of belief in your own abilities
Lack of confidence
Feeling like we don’t have enough money get what we want
Trying to pay someone else to do what is yours to do
Expecting others to care about your business more than you do
Overestimation of your skills and abilities (ego)
Excessive pride (hubris) which keeps us from asking for help
Anger/resentment about the past
Beliefs based on emotions, not facts
Permission from others (like spouses, parents, even children)
Acting impulsively

All of these are mindset matters that keep us stuck. They prevent us from getting what we say we want. Most of the time, these mindset issues lie in wait like a bandit, waiting to steal our joy and, if we let them linger too many years, they can steal our very lives.

Change Brings Mindset Challenges

Here’s the rub: They pop up and hold us hostage EACH AND EVERY TIME WE TRY TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

For example, let’s say you want to lose 25 pounds. You start a new diet and exercise regime which you follow faithfully for a week, maybe two. It’s going great. You’ve lost a couple of pounds, you are feeling more energetic, you are excited…and THEN…you know what happens.

Along about week two or three you (or one of the kids) gets sick and you miss a couple of workouts, you get busy with work and don’t have time, you spend the weekend (insert: family reunion, wedding, birthday party, vacation, holiday party, etc. etc, etc.) and, soon, it’s GAME OVER, right?

Is the problem really the sick kid, work and family/friends force-feeding you at parties? Well, yes, there’s a reality to that. BUT, what is REALLY going on? Could it be that you have made choices that contradict what you said you wanted–to lose 25 pounds? Why? Why do you say you want one thing, but then choose another? In search of that answer, you might want to start with the list above…

Hey, look, I’m not judging. If you know me at all, you know that weight loss example could be extracted right from my life (almost). All I want to do is hold up a mirror for you if you feel you need or want it. If you don’t, that’s cool, too. I have just found, for me, it’s important to hire professionals who help me fight when I’m confronted by those thieves in my head. To that end, through the years I’ve hired:

Business coaches
Health coaches

Today, I have a Ph.D. in ME, and it was worth every penny invested. You see, as far as I know, we only get one life on this earth (others may disagree but there’s no definitive proof either way), and I want to make sure I squeeze every microscopic drop of joy out of it.

Where there is sludge built up on my brain from old wounds, brainwashing, even pure fiction that’s been implanted there, I’m going to scrape it out. And then, I’m going to replace it with the stories I want to tell of my life–stories of my success, my happiness and my journey to get there.

I’m also going to continue to hire professionals to help me when I need it because I know the tricky thing about *mind-bandits* is the hiding part. Often, we can’t see our own destructive patterns until it is too late. It’s much easier for other people to see them and warn us, which is where that mindset work I mentioned at the beginning comes into play. Make sense?

You Get to Choose

If any of this resonates with you, first, I want you to know you are not alone–and I’m not just talking about me. Practically EVERYONE I talk with has false beliefs of some kind rattling around in their heads and holding them back. I happen to specialize in dealing with money and business-related beliefs.

I’m not a relationship expert, a weight loss expert or a therapist. I’m a business advisor. I can help you make a custom-plan to grow your business and help you increase your revenue and profitability. But, as Liam Neeson would say: “I’ve got a special set of skills…” as well. In this case, I’m particularly good at supporting my clients when they encounter those mindset obstacles and helping find a way over, around or through them.

Does that sound like something you might desire? If so, let’s set up a time to chat about it.


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